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Bonus #1 “Banish Stress In Just 10 Minutes.” A Harvard Professor blows the solution to your stress wide open in this report ($27 Value)

Banish Stress In Just 10 Minutes (3D)








Bonus # 2 “Alternative Health Secrets.” Turn yourself into a healing machine with these 6 alternative therapies your doctor does not want you to know about! ($27 Value)

Alternative Health Secrets











Bonus # 3 “Natural Libido Boosters For Men And Women Over 40.” Do you know what causes a decrease in libido as we age? This is some fun reading indeed! You’ll learn how to naturally and drastically boost your libido so you feel like a teenager again plus tips on how to get the most satisfaction out of sex! ($37 Value)

Libido over 40









Bonus # 4 Ancient Secrets Of The Superfood: Bee Pollen. (FORMER AMAZON BEST SELLER!) This often overlooked source of incredible nutrition combines energy and is known for it’s weight loss and metabolism boosting benefits. Combined with a good diet, you can learn to skyrocket your health. No one’s talking about this in the diet and exercise community but it’s a secret that’s been around for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. You’ll learn how you can put this powerful superfood to work for you starting today! ($39 Value)

Bee Pollen










Bonus # 5 Superfoods For Super Health. The 24 Perfect Foods To Add To Your Diet Today ($37 Value). This 47 page book will give you instant insight into the most perfect foods around to help you stay slim, fight off disease and look years younger! This book sells on it’s own everyday for $37, so I won’t leave it up here long as a free bonus!

Superfoods For Super Health (3D)










Bonus # 6-47 Herbal Remedies: Powerful Ways To Transform Your Health ($37 Value). This 51 page e-book blows the lid off long kept herbal medicine secrets. Secrets that can help your body heal itself without any toxin poisons western medicine seems hooked on! An absolute eye opener. This is another one that sells everyday for $37 and I simply can’t keep it here as a bonus for too long.

47 Herbal Remedies (23)










Bonus # 7 Raw Food Smoothies For Ultimate Heatlh! By Yuri Elkaim. Get 87 of the most mouth watering smoothie recipes on the planet-all taking 10 minutes or less to prepare. The ultimate transition way to everyday abundant health and being slim for life! ($47 Value)



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